GREBE Project meets in Iceland


The fourth partner meeting of GREBE project was held in the third week of September in Ísafjörður Iceland.  Before the actual meeting we had a successful policy meeting in Reykjavík. The policy meeting is part of the GREBE project and have similar meetings been held in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Finland. One of the key objectives is to identify and promote opportunities for policy to provide an effective supporting framework for sustainable renewable energy business.  Current policy framework has been reviewed in each partner region.  Michael Doran director of Action Renewables and partner in GREBE presented the summary report on the meeting in Reykjavík. The report is available in GREBE´s homepage

Furthermore, several informative presentations were delivered on Iceland´s policy in renewable energy. Ingvi Már Pálsson, Director of the Department of Energy and industry in the Ministry of Industry and commerce ( ), presented government policy in the field of renewable energy in Iceland.  Baldur Pétursson from the National Energy Authority ( discussed the regulations and the support system for RE business in Iceland and Jón Björn Skúlason, general manager for Nýorka (, looked into challenges with integration of eco-friendly fuels.

After the policy meeting we had several site visits on the way to Ísafjörður. First stop was the Innovation Center Iceland ( were Kristján Leosson managing director for Materials, Biotechnology and Energy told us about the startup company XRG Power ( and other ongoing projects at his department. We also met HS Orka ( were Albert Albertsson the concept creator of the Geothermal Resource park welcomed us. ( Finally we met with Einar Hreinsson specialist at Marine Research Institute which introduced us to prototype of a new fishing gear where light is used as a herding stimulus. This fishing gear has a considerable reduction of towing resistance, compared to conventional trawls and could cut fuel costs per kg fish caught by 40%.