Harsh weather and the effect on renewable energy SMEs

NSP blog post 15-12-2015The company ‘Narvik Science Park’ (NSP) is located in Narvik in the Northern Norway about 250 km north of the polar arctic circle.  NSP are responsible for Work Package 4 in the GREBE project.  Work Package 4 is directed towards the influence of environmental conditions in the NPA and Arctic regions and how SMEs in the regions are coping with weather constraints. The weather may affect the companies in many different ways, for example, in infrastructure, logistics and production.

The aim of Work Package 4 is to get an overall picture of the effects of weather related constraints in the different sub-regions and to estimate if there is a negative impact on Renewable Energy SMEs concerning and how production and results are affected by weather.

As an example, the Norwegian Metrological Institute has registered 180 weather warnings in Northern Norway during 2014.  How does this impact the renewable energy regarding installations, infrastructure, profit and competition in the sector?

This is the daily challenge for many SMEs in the renewable energy sector – approximately every second day there will be severe weather conditions which in some way will affect their business, and according to several climate reports, the situation will be even worse in the coming years.

Narvik Science Park will lead Work Package 4 and the aim is to publish a report on the different weather conditions affecting the regions within Northern Periphery & Arctic (NPA) programme and to follow up demands and successful solutions that improve the situation for doing business in the NPA and Arctic regions of Europe.