Action Renewables Energy Association (AREA)

Action Renewables launched Action Renewables Energy Association (AREA) in April 2016.  AREA is the catalyst for transition to a renewable future, and is the sole body representing the entire renewable energy sector in Northern Ireland across all technologies.

Following the re-election of the Conservative Government in May 2015, a series of damaging policy changes, financial restrictions and ongoing budget issues has sent Northern Irelands renewable energy sector into rapid decline.  With the removal of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) along with cuts to Northern Irelands Renewable Obligation (NIRO), it is clear the newly formed Department for Economy (DfE) will have great difficulty financing and implementing replacement incentives post 2017.  The reduction and withdrawal of renewable energy subsidies along with the general lack of support for the renewables sector has placed Northern Ireland’s renewable energy sector in jeopardy.

Action Renewables has responded to this threat with AREA, as a means to support the renewables sector via focused lobbying activities.  Our core aims are to establish a secure renewable energy policy framework in light of the increasing policy vacuum; to protect existing renewable energy investments and support the development of the renewable energy sector.  AREA wants to organise the renewables sector, establish a collective voice and use it to influence policy.

For more information please click here.

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