MPs launch Belfast RE probe

AR pic stormont

The Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee has launched in inquiry into the electricity sector which will examine Belfast’s renewable energy policy.

The inquiry will focus on a number of energy issues including Stormont’s “ambitious” 40% target for renewables by 2020.

This will be carried out, the committee said, “against a backdrop of reductions in the subsidies for onshore wind”. The Northern Ireland RO was closed to onshore wind earlier this month.

A predicted shortfall in generating capacity expected in Northern Ireland in the coming years and high power prices will also be investigated.

Committee char Conservative MP Laurence Robertson said energy prices “remain an ongoing concern”.

“The industry faces several challenges in the coming years, including an ambitious target for renewables, achieving adequate security of supply, and ensuring sufficient interconnector capacity,” he said.

“Our inquiry will examine the reasons for these relatively higher prices, and look to make recommendations that will bring Northern Ireland in line with the GB and Republic of Ireland markets.”


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