Knowledge and Technologies for Effective Wood Procurement – GREBE partner Luke is involved in granted new project

luke blog pic 28.04.16

TECH4EFFECT just received a positive funding decision under the Horizon2020 BBI (Bio-Based-Industries) programme by the European Union. The project is led by the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) and has partners from Italy, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Poland and Finland. GREBE partner Luke is leading the working package 1 “Increasing access to wood resources“ and involved in other working packages. The total budget of the project is 5.3 million euros.

The expected impacts are improving efficiency in silviculture and harvesting operations, improving accessibility to wood resources leading to a significant increase in productivity in forest operations over a representative period of time, increasing forest operations output minimising environmental impacts: reducing soil disturbance, efficiently & more efficiently extracted grot (residuals) and reducing fuel consumption in the forest harvesting process by at least 15%.

The specific objectives of TECH4EFFECT are:

  1. To increase access to wood resources with focus on accelerated growth rates, improved silvicultural operations and improved business models for more efficient transactions in forest management.
  2. To increase the efficiency of forest harvesting and collection with focus on infrastructure improvements, forest machine data exploitation, and improved work practices.
  3. To reduce and monitor soil impacts from forest operations through machine technologies and machine mounted sensors combined with information technology.
  4. To develop the TECH4EFFECT web-based benchmarking tool to collect and systematize data from forest management and provide a foundation for knowledge-based management of European forest operations in the future.
  5. To implement TECH4EFFECT in a global European version and in country specific adaptations through industrial leadership.
  6. To assess the environmental and socio-economic performance of the project results for the whole wood value chain.

The TECH4EFFECT project objectives are relevant also for the Northern Periphery regions and GREBE partner countries.

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