Iceland focuses on Climate Change

iceland post 27.04.16

The Icelandic Government has announced a growth plan regarding climate change for the next three years, which is designed to sharpen Iceland’s focus on climate change and promote the work in the field to reduce net emissions. The projects and priorities which are presented under the growth plan are diverse and many of them are independent but all have the common aim of strengthening  the fight against climate change and empowering  individuals and businesses.

The growth plan consists of 16 projects that aim to reduce emissions, increase carbon sequestration from the atmosphere, support international climate change projects and strengthen the government’s ability to handle more stringent obligations on climate change. The emphasis is on cooperation between government and market to reduce emissions in certain sectors and encourage innovation and climate-friendly solutions.

Two of the sixteen projects are targeted at transport and Iceland has great potential in that field.

Energy exchange in transport: this action plan for the coming years is focused on energy exchange, both on land and at sea, and will be submitted to Parliament as a proposal. The plan is prepared by the Ministry of Industries and Innovation and Green Energy (an initiative for energy conversion in transportation), which aims to increase the share of eco domestic energy sources at the expense of imported fossil fuel. The Icelandic government has set the goal that by 2020 the proportion of renewable energy in transport will be 10% and the forthcoming parliamentary proposal is aimed at achieving that goal.

Strengthening of infrastructure for electric cars: Efforts will be made to strengthen the infrastructure for electric vehicles in the coming years. There has been great increase in sales of electric cars in Iceland in the past few years but the lack of infrastructure is hindering further development. It is considered important that the state makes a temporary effort to build the infrastructure for electric cars to ensure access for most Icelandic people to climate-friendly solutions in transport.  Green energy will be assigned to implement this effort, which will be incorporated in the above action plan for energy exchange.


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