BENI represented at the All Party Working Group on Renewable Energy at Stormont in Northern Ireland

AR 07-03-2016
Michael Doran of Action Renewables and GREBE presenting at ‘Bio energy in Northern Ireland’ at the Parliament Buildings, Stormont

An All Party Working group on Renewable Energy ‘Bio energy in Northern Ireland’ was held at the Parliament Buildings, Stormont on Monday 22nd February.

The meeting was held to highlight the bio energy sector, how it is currently used in Northern Ireland and its potential for the future. Speakers from across the sector attended, including William Robinson from B9 Organics, Chris Johnston from AFBI, Michael Doran from Action Renewables and the BENI chair, John Martin.

The topic of the event was very appropriate given the recent announcements regarding the closure of the Renewable Heat Incentive in Northern Ireland.  MLAs were invited to sit in on the presentations and ensuing Q&A as experts in the bioenergy industry demonstrated the detrimental effect the closure of the RHI will have on the economy and the future of the sector in NI.

Further information is available on the BENI website

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