Biomass research in Finland with the help of drones

Drones 03-03-2016

The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is currently testing various research options using drones. The drones tested are capable of carrying camera, sensors or similar devices which can record data from a total new angle.

Recognition and measurement of biomass storage piles

Luke has been testing drones for example when measuring biomass storage piles used for energy purposes. With the help of the drone, a sensor can fly over the piles and collect the data which then, after processing, can be used in the detection of the amount of biomass. In addition, different contrasts of the captured image can help identifying specific characteristics of the biomass.

Improving working methods in the field

Another possibility of drones is in combination with a high-resolution camera used in the forest. Tests have shown that drones can take high-quality images and videos from the bird-eye perspective and might give a total new way for the visualization of forest machine operations. The video material opens new educational possibilities as well.

The researchers at Luke in Joensuu are studying the forest procurement chain from the forest until the roadside storage. The perspective offered through the “drone´s eyes” can help in re-organizing the machine work when cutting, collecting or storing forest biomass and help to increase the productivity. Especially in difficult, remote and challenging terrain of Northern Peripheral regions, this method opens new possibilities. The tests are very promising and research with this innovative technology will continue.

GREBE partner Luke will inform on results gained from this new and innovative approach and transfer the knowledge across the NPA regions.


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