The GREBE logo and branding has arrived !

social_mdeia_grebe-05GREBE has a new logo and branding, created by Future Analytic Consulting in Dublin

Choosing a logo for a project can be a difficult process, and the GREBE partners agreed on our branding in the most democratic method, that is, the most popular won!   James Sweeney, our designer in Future Analytics Consulting provided the project partners with a choice of seven different logos.  Partners ranked the logos in order of preference and the most popular was chosen.

The logo takes inspiration from the NPA programme and the priority (entrepreneurship) under which GREBE is funded.  The three hexagons reflect the entrepreneurs networking and sharing ideas which will be through our virtual ideas hub in work package 7, the renewable energy technologies, and the importance of renewable energy in everyday life.  The letters ‘RE’ are emphasised in ‘GREBE’ to highlight this important sector who are our target audience (renewable energy start ups and SMEs).

This concept will follow through in all our design and publication for the duration of the project.   We hope you like it !

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