The Synergy between Biomass Power and the GREBE Project

Wood biomass

A new regional renewable energy project, ‘Biomass Power’, is launched in North Karelia Finland. The project supports the adoption of decentralised bioenergy solutions and enables knowledge and technology transfer activities, as well as networking in national and international contexts.

 The GREBE associate partner Pielinen Karelia Development Center, PIKES Ltd. coordinates the consortium involving also the Finnish Forest Centre, Central Karelia Development Company, KETI Ltd, and GREBE partner Karelia UAS.

 The share of renewable energy from the total energy use of the region is about 63%, of which the share of wood energy is 82%. However, the decentralised solutions have still significant development needs. For instance, the first small-scale chp-plants based on wood fuels have barely entered the market and require user experience and high quality assurance in wood fuel production. There are also plans for the farm-scale biogas investments but they have not yet realised due to vague support mechanisms and underdeveloped markets.

 In the ‘Biomass Power’ project, Karelia UAS develops new industry projects, finds opportunities for the technology and knowledge transfer, and establishes international contacts for the developers and SMEs in the region. The GREBE business mentoring service, the Entrepreneur Enabler Scheme, will be rolled out to the region in cooperation with the regional development companies. The synergies with GREBE are evident and cooperation will take place through the GREBE Industry Advisory Group and everyday practices of project partners.

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