Karelia UAS Demonstrates Renewable Energy Solutions

Karelia CHP (1 of 1) (1)

Sirkkala Energy Park, located in Sirkkala campus of Karelia UAS in Joensuu, is a research, development and education facility of RE technologies. The energy system established in 2015 includes a modern small-scale combined heat and power (CHP) -plant fueled with locally produced woodchips. In 2016, there will be additional investments in solar PV and heat, electric car/charging and biomass combustion.

According to Senior Project Manager Mr. Ville Kuittinen, Sirkkala Energy Park will form nationally unique multipurpose platform for hybrid energy system research, piloting, demonstration and learning:

“The platform gathers together enterprises, students, and education and research organisations and provides an environment to demonstrate the self-sufficiency in heat and power by forest biomass and in future by solar energy.”

Students from the Energy and Environmental Technology and Information and Communications Technology have already utilised the new educational facilities in learning assignments and projects related to data storage, combustion and life cycle analyses.

The 140 kW CHP -unit (40 kW of electricity, 100 kW of heat) is produced by the Finnish Volter Ltd. The plant of Karelia UAS is a mobile version allowing also promotional and tailored research and development activities outside the campus, such as regional events of Farmer 2015 Fair and Ilosaarirock Festival in July 2015. The plant can operate off-grid, which makes it unique solution also for the isolated communities with available high quality woodfuel.

Within the GREBE –project context, Sirkkala Energy Park provides new insights into the market access paths of modern RE solutions, and their business opportunities and challenges.


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