Forest resources in Finland

Finnish logsIn Finland, some 23 million hectares is under forest cover (76%), according to the National Forest Inventory (NFI) the volume of growing stock has increased to 2,332 million m3 in 2015. This is an increase by more than 40% since 1971. As a major carbon sink absorbing large amount of CO2 from the atmosphere, in 2015 Finnish forests sequestrated nearly 40% of the CO2 emissions from Finland´s industry.

The use of wood-based fuels has increased in Finland since the 1990s and account for approximately 25% of the total energy consumption, the share of wood-based fuels of all renewable energy sources accounted for over 85%.

Increasing growing stock

Since the mid-1970s, wood equivalent to the current volume of the tree stock, about 2,332 million m3, has been harvested and used. In Finnish forests, the annual increment exceeds the drain by 30%.

The Finnish forest sector contribute 4% of the GDP of Finland and employ about 65 000 people. The value added in forest is 6.7 € billion. The most important market area of Finnish forest industry products is Europe, 70% of the export of the wooden products. Wooden-based bio-products widen the future development of the forest industry.


Jari Parviainen & Markus Lier 2015. Finland´s forests 2015. Natural Resources Institute Finland

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